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Industrial Push Pull Cables

Need a push pull control cables solution for your industrial needs? General Auto Cables offer a range of push and pull cables and hardware to fit a range circumstances. Manufactured in the USA, all of our products are made with the highest grade materials that are built to last.

Used for a variety of industrial contexts, these items are convenient for jobs that require smooth movement and minimal risk of corrosion occurring. Our range is so that all technicians can rely on our industrial push pull cables completely, no matter the environment or constructional job at hand. We’re proud of our push pull control cables and have a reputation for providing the most affordable prices for each of these items.

Each of our push pull control cables for industrial purposes feature super rigid structuring and various lengths, depending on your requirements. Additionally, these products are easy to install for repair jobs, maintenance or construction. Perfect for industrial vehicles and purposes, all of our goods are flexible enough to be used around corners, or to run along walls with small openings. Best of all, they are able to withstand weather, corrosion and environmental damage.

If you’re not sure which system would suit you best, you can speak to one of our experts regarding our assembly services. Contact us today on (02) 9605 1491 to find out more about these products. We can also answer any questions you may have or provide you with reliable advice.